My Von Erl Starter Kit with Cuttwood Tobacco Trail eLiquid Pod



My Von Erl is a revolutionary modern and compact electronic cigarette system from Austria.

My Von Erl uses small and sleek e-liquid pods dubbed 'My. Liquidpods'

Includes: 1X Classic e-Liquid pod 'Liquidpod' (Tobacco Trail flavor 24 mg/ml)

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MY VON ERL is a NEW generation of electronic cigarette Kit Systems

My Von Erl is a unique E-cigarette device made in Austria using a "POD" based system which allows you to easily switch between different flavored Liquid Pods or just your favorite one. The High Resistance coil in every pod allows MY Von Erl's 350mah battery provide a sufficient charge to last one whole day, as long as you don't chain vape.  At the end of the day, My Von Erl has great vaping performance, its compact and sleek in size and It has different nicotine strengths to satisfy everyone's craving. If you are looking for that Vape to help you switch from Traditional Tobacco, Then give My Von Erl a try. You won't regret the switch.

Package Contents:
1X-MY VON ERL e-cigarette with a 350 mAh battery

1X-Classic e-Liquid pod (Tobacco Trail flavor 24 mg/ml)

1X-USB battery charger


My Von Erl - Cafe Latte Liquidpod My Von Erl - Green Apple Liquidpod My Von Erl - Mango Apricot Liquidpod My Von Erl - Tabacco Liquidpod

About My Von Erl:

If you're a fan of easy-to-use, small e-cigarette devices (like the popular JUUL Vaporizer, for example) then the MY Von Erl represents a very viable option. Sleek and understated in design, this 'no fuss' device will sit comfortably in your hand and allow you to discreetly vape a variety of different flavors.

Featuring a quality anodized aluminum body with a textured matte finish, this device is lightweight yet robust. Its push-fit refill system means there's no mess and no fuss when it comes to refilling your e-cigarette; simply discard the used 'Liquidpod' and replace it with a fresh one. 

  • Product dimensions: approx. 10.3cm x 1.7cm.

The small form-factor means it's ideal for any pocket or bag - and there's no worry about it accidentally firing due to it's no-button, draw-activated design.

Battery Life of the MY Von Erl:

Small device means small battery, but don't let that put you off. The 350mAh battery contained in the MY Von Erl kit should see you through around four hours of regular vaping. You can expect it to last even longer when you have to limit your vaping time due to work or other commitments - we estimate that a full charge should see you through at least one 8-hour working day.

Set Up and Charging your MY Von Erl:

The MY Von Erl is very easy to set up and use. Simply connect the supplied Micro-USB cable to the battery and plug into a laptop, PC or USB wall adapter. You'll know when the battery is fully charged when the light on the unit turns to green. There are 3 color indicators that determine the level of charge remaining:

  • Green - fully charged

  • White - around 50% charge left

  • Red - it's about to run out (approx. 5 mins vaping time remaining)

Once charged, simply connect a My Von Erl 'Liquid pod' and inhale - there are no buttons to press and no settings to fiddle with.

About MY Von Erl Liquid pod Refills:

The MY Von Erl Liquidpod flavors available varying from classics such as tobacco to mango apricot. Each Liquidpod contains 1.6ml of e-liquid, a 1.5ohm Kanthal coil, and Japanese cotton. Once depleted, simply discard and swap with a new one!

According to MY Von Erl, each Liquidpod will last approximately 300 puffs which roughly translates to 30 traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the MY Von Erl Liquidpod when the e-liquid within has depleted.


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