WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Straw-Burst - Burst E Juice 60mL


A burst of the most well-known taffy candy flavor on the planet is exactly what Burst E-Juice’s Straw-Burst e-liquid delivers. With each pull on your device comes the amazing merging of the flavors of strawberry and taffy. Comes in a chubby gorilla bottle 60 mL

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Back in the good-old-days Strawberry taffy is one of those candies that grows on you as you mature. It fills up your bag of candy on Halloween night, but when you’re little, it’s just a tad too hard to swallow. Once you get a bit older, you begin to appreciate just how good taffy truly is, and look forward to it on Halloween. Unfortunately, trick-or-treating doesn’t last forever, and the days of getting free taffy are quickly behind you. Every once in awhile, you’ll get the craving for sweet strawberry taffy, but it’s never quite the same.

Burst E-Juice’s strawberry taffy flavored e-liquid

It is designed to bring the amazing tastes of strawberry taffy to you in a vape form. Straw-Burst to put it simply is like no other e-juice you’ve ever tasted. From the fresh hints of strawberry to the unique tastes of taffy, this liquid hits the mark exactly. Burst E-Juice is known for making bold flavors with even bolder bottles, and Straw-Burst certainly follows this model. The logo stands out in bright pinks and yellows, evoking a sense of the strawberry flavors bursting out of the juice. 60 milliliters of pure strawberry taffy e-juice await you.

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