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The Vapers Beginner Kit to End all Beginner Kits, Airbender ZiiP Pods is here!

The Vapers Beginner Kit to End all Beginner Kits, Airbender ZiiP Pods is here!

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If you are new to vaping, then we have a beginner's kit which would be perfect for you! Easy to use, affordable and great for those looking for an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Read the full article below to discover the benefits of Airbender ZiiP Pods!

Welcome to Vape FU! We understand that if you’re new to vaping there are a variety of different e-cigarettes and vaporizers available to choose from, but where do you start? That’s why we are here! To help you transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping.

You would be forgiven for being a little confused; there are thousands of different vaporizers and e-cigarettes available. They range in price from as little as a few dollars all the way up to hundreds of dollars, but for new vapers, we have an affordable and easy to use choice, the Airbender ZiiP Pods which is compatible with JUUL device.

The Airbender ZiiP Pods takes a step away from traditional vaporizers and e-cigarettes, offering vapers a new generation of the vaporizer. The Airbender ZiiP Pods utilizes a ‘POD’ system which allows vapers to easily switch from one flavored Liquid Pod to another. The Airbender ZiiP Pods is manufactured in the USA and offers vapers an easy way to enjoy fantastic flavors. Vapers can choose from a wide variety of delicious flavors, all with varying strengths of nicotine. The powerful and reliable 350mAh battery means that for most vapers, you’ll be able to vape all day without recharging.

So, is available around Airbender ZiiP Pods?

  •       ZiiP Pod System Starter Kit with 4 Airbender Pods1 x USB Battery Charger

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - Multi Pack - 4 pack

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - Pitaya on Ice - 4 pack

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - Pinkie - 4 pack

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - Paladin - 4 pack $13.97

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - High Wire - 4 pack

  •       Airbender ZiiP Pods for JUUL - Gypsy Tantrum - 4 pack


The Airbender ZiiP Pods offers the traditional sleek and slim styling of popular pen or tune style vaporizers, with a modern approach to delivering e-liquid or e-juice. This vaporizer offers vapors on the go a viable no fuss and no mess easy to use the option when it comes to vaping. If you’re a busy person and like to vape on the move, then this could be the perfect solution. No carrying around bulky mods or bottles of e-liquid any longer. The Airbender ZiiP Pods can be easily slipped into a pocket and also fits comfortably in the hand, allowing vapers to vape discreetly at their own convenience.

The great thing about vaping, in general, is the ease of use and simplicity of design of the vaporizers. Being able to vape when and where you like with little fuss is extremely important, the Airbender ZiiP Pods offers vapers this opportunity. Sleek and stylish, and simple to use, vapers new to vaping are going to find this kit one of the most important purchases they ever make. If you have been thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping, then the Airbender ZiiP Pods is affordable and easy to use a vaporizer that won’t leave you disappointed. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Airbender ZiiP Pods beginner’s kit! 

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