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The Short History of E-Cigarettes

The Short History of E-Cigarettes

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The popularity of e-cigarettes or vaporizers continues to skyrocket, but where did it all begin? Read on to find out where vaping began and how far it has come in a decade!

Vaping has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a very short time. When you look at popular inventions, many of them take decades or centuries to reach their full potential, vaping has taken just years. In 2014 the Oxford Dictionary added the word ‘vape’ and there is no looking back now!

E-cigarettes first came into production in 2003. They had a lot of competition. Cigarettes, despite their negative health impacts, have been around for over a century and haven’t changed much at all. E-cigarettes were first patented in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert but didn’t really take off. Smoking was popular, allowed everywhere and the dangerous health effects largely ignored or completely covered up.

Fast forward to 2003, where a Chinese gentleman named Hon Lik reinvented the e-cig or vaporizer and created a modern version. Times had changed, smoking was now generally accepted to be an unhealthy and dangerous past time and smoking was being taxed heavily, and banned in many places. The modern electronic cigarette was reinvented, invested in and an exciting new idea was pushed into the public domain. In China where smoking is extremely popular, the e-cigarette began to gain popularity, arriving in Europe in 2006, and the United States in 2007. 

As the popularity of e-cigs exploded around the world, the government in charge started to take notice of this new trend. Health organizations and studies were rushed, trying to find any positive or negative impacts of vaporizers. During this period, many studies were undertaken, misinformation was spread, and the true benefits of vaping became hard to discover. Despite all of this vaping or e-cigs continued to gain in popularity, especially after the World Health Organization discovered that many of the studies were slanted, flawed, or factually incorrect.

As their popularity increased, many companies tried to jump on board with e-cigarettes, producing cheap and dangerous vaporizers, batteries and e-liquids. The vaping community as a whole is quick to avoid and condemn products it believes to be inferior, and any of these companies disappear as quickly as they appear.

Many of the first e-cigarettes which were produced were very simple cigarillo type designs. These e-cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes but contain a small amount of e-liquid. They were generally disposable and once used couldn’t be refilled. Now, we have powerful mods available, with a variety of different tanks and batteries to choose from. Vapers can customize their mods and settings to achieve the vape which they enjoy. Subculture around vaping has continued to grow, with vaping expos and conventions becoming increasingly popular.

Despite e-cigarettes facing new laws in 2015 and 2016, their popularity has continued to rise. Many vaping manufactures and vaping shop owner continue to educate people about the benefits of vaping and try to dispel popular myths which have arisen around vaping and its side-effects. The most important thing anyone interested in vaping can do for themselves is to research and understand what vaping is, how it works, the different types of e-cigs and vaporizers available and how they could benefit from them. 

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