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The Benefits of Starting a Vape Shop and The Four Magic Ingredients You Need to Ensure a Better Chance of Success!

The Benefits of Starting a Vape Shop and The Four Magic Ingredients You Need to Ensure a Better Chance of Success!

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If you enjoy vaping and have an entrepreneurial spirit, then maybe opening your own vape shop is a possibility worth looking into. Owning and running your own vape shop has a variety of benefits, but it’s not all vaping. You’ll need to ensure that you do your homework before you begin. 

Okay, so you love vaping, and you are pretty business savvy. It’s easy to see why opening up your own vape shop would seem like a pretty cool idea. You get to see first-hand what the latest mods and vaporizers are, have access to some of the best e-juices and e-liquids and get paid to do it! Sounds cool? That’s because it is! But, before you rush out and start spending a lot of money, you’ll need to check out our top four pieces of advice before you begin.

The location is Everything!

When it comes to any business, vaping is no different, your location is key. You’ll need to choose a location for your store that offers you a high-traffic area, somewhere that a lot of people will be passing by. You need to make sure that your customers can easily see your storefront, it looks inviting, and there is easy access to convenient parking. As experienced vapers, sometimes we lose sight of the basic principles behind vaping and what has made it so popular, to begin with. People utilize vaping as a way to quit smoking. This means a lot of your clients will be new to vaping. You need to ensure that you have a friendly and helpful shop that new vapers won’t be intimidated by. Don’t forget experienced vapers, but don’t exclude the biggest part of your business.

The point of Sales Systems That Work for Your Business!

Just because you’re running a business, doesn’t mean that you can forget an important part, the POS or point of sales. You want your staff and clients to have an easy transaction, that’s smooth and most importantly of all, fast! We live in a time where everything is fast, easy and accessible so make sure your POS is up to date. There are some fantastic benefits to a good POS system, better customer service, increased staff efficiency and better stock control. A good POS system will give you the data you need to understand what is or isn’t working and allow you to focus on building your business.

A Strong Vaping Social Media Presence!

They say that social media is king, and when it comes to something like vaping, then you’ll need to make your presence felt. You need to balance between recruiting new customers and introducing new clients to vaping, while at the same time encouraging existing clients and vapers to return to your business. Utilizing a variety of different social media channels is important, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are all fantastic places to start.

Fantastic Products and a Great Supplier!

Vapers are no different than any other consumer group. You are supplying them with something they need, but consumers are always looking for something new. They want great products that are affordable, high-quality, innovative and taste great. Keep your products fresh, look into new developing products and trends, and make sure you keep your clients coming back for more, not going to the new vape shop down the road! 

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